Goodbye Storage Silos, Hello StorONE

Zero Compromise Data Storage Platform

All Protocols, All Media Types, All Features - One Platform/One Price

StorONE is a revolutionary data storage platform that revolutionizes the data center. It offers unmatched versatility by supporting ISCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, CIFS and S3 object storage with all media types: Storage Class Memory (SCM), Flash and HDD - unheard of in one product! Plus it's priced per slot for easy upgrades at no extra cost down the line. This truly sets StorONE apart from other solutions on the market today!

StorONE - The Forever Platform

StorONE's data storage platform is your ticket to a worry-free data center experience - built to be upgrade free for 10 or more years, with non-disruptive hardware replacements when you do eventually require an more capacity or speed. Plus, StorONE's licensing model by storage slot lets customers maximize the use of their resources down the road without extra fees! And don't forget: with StorOne’s software maintenance cost staying flat forever at one price—you won't ever have to pay a cent more than what you originally paid.

No More Data Silos

All Protocols, All Media Types, All Features - One Platform/One Price

StorONE Storage Engine has the power to revolutionize your data storage infrastructure, allowing you to consolidate all of it into one manageable storage plane. With StorONE in place, operating and training costs can be significantly reduced; there's no need for costly set-ups with each workload addition either - just add as needed while making use of practical storage consolidation! This solution is perfect for organizations that continue growing and evolving over time.


Storage IO Stack Re-write

After 30 years of stagnation, StorONE is rewriting the data storage IO game with a revolutionary single-layered Engine. This technology has the capability to unlock maximum value from state-of-the art data storage hardware and streamlines processes through its universal metadata table; all without compromising speed or performance!


Modern Storage Auto-Tiering

The StorONE Engine provides an incredibly advanced data storage auto-tiering algorithm that ensures your data is optimally stored on hard disk, freeing up flash tier capacity for incoming IO bursts. Even more impressive, the efficient data storage architecture of this engine allows it to transfer 8GB/sec per VOLUME (write update), translating into 30TB per hour or a staggering 700TB in just one day!


Enhanced Erasure Coding

StorONE's vRAID is revolutionizing data resiliency and performance with a powerful rewrite of its erasure coding algorithm. Even the most demanding workloads can be safeguarded in any drive redundancy setting without sacrificing high-performance. Superior speed sets it apart from competitors – achieving 20TB hard disk drives rebuild levels within three hours, compared to days when using other solutions! Production access remains fully uninterrupted during repairs providing unparalleled efficiency for businesses today.


Virtual Storage Containers

Virtual Storage Containers (VSCs) are self-contained storage environments operating within the StorONE Engine.  With VSCs, you have control over resource allocation and can ensure a Quality of Service tailored for specific Use Cases. Avoid costly or even detrimental underprovisioning; let the StorONE Engine provide precisely what your organization needs at minimal expense!

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