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Virtual Sprout is one of the top providers of Microsoft Cloud Solutions and when it comes to Office 365, there is no exception.  We offer the complete range of Microsoft Cloud Productivity Solutions with a compliment of implementation, management, and protection solutions.

Why Virtual Sprout For Microsoft Office 365

Cost Savings – Virtual Sprout is a leading provider of Microsoft Cloud Solutions and our status with Microsoft allows us to pass on savings to our customers.  We offer a complementary Office 365 Assessment to show you exactly how much you can expect to save by switching to Virtual Sprout.

Flexibility – Knowing the size of your workforce or your needs months or years in advance is nearly impossible, which is why we offer Microsoft Office 365 on month-to-month terms only.  Flex up and down without having to worry about long term commitments.

Implementation – Our experience deploying Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft Cloud Solutions is wide and varied.  Our vast Microsoft Cloud Solution exposure allows for the correct configuration the first time, preventing data loss, system compromise, and downtime.

Migration Solutions – If you are an existing Microsoft Office 365 Customer then your transition to Virtual Sprout is seamless and requires zero migration.  Just start to enjoy the savings and decide if you will do self management or have the Virtual Sprout engineering team take care of your solution.  If you are coming from on-premise or a competitors solution, we have tools and services to get you from point A to point B with little to no downtime and no data loss.

Local First Level Tech Support – One of, if not the most frustrating aspects of many top cloud solutions is the inability to receive a solid support experience.  When you purchase your Office 365 licenses through Virtual Sprout, we provide you the first level support, which has a 98% resolution rate.  If we need to engage Microsoft, we can do so on your behalf, saving you time and aggrevation.

Data Protection – Just because you put your data in the Cloud does not mean it is getting backed up.  In fact, most Cloud Productivity Solutions, including Microsoft, do not support long term backup solutions.  Virtual Sprout has a wide variety of data protection options, including for Office 365 (Mail, Calendar, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint).  It is easy to protect your data in Office 365 and this feature be dynamically added to your Office licenses for a small monthly fee. (Learn More Here)

Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

  • Instant Provisioning – Be up and running in moments
  • Complimentary Consultation – Do you need to know what licenses to purchase to maximize your purchase, just ask
  • Implementation and Management Services – Virtual Sprout has the Office 365 Pros you need to implement and manage your Office 365 environment
  • Month-to-Month Term – Don’t get locked into agreements that don’t change when your business changes
  • Local Tier 1 Tech Support – Midwest Based Office 365 Tech Support
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