Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Customer Challenges

Business leaders know that IT systems and data are the lifeblood of an organization.  However, ensuring those systems are always available, durable, and scalable at a sustainable cost model is often difficult.  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Solutions from Virtual Sprout address these challenges by:

IT Resilience – Virtual Sprout’s Cloud Platform has been built on a scalable Enterprise Grade platform that leverages multiple diverse and redundant data centers throughout the continental United States.  This design allows Virtual Sprout customers to deploy and scale applications with confidence.

Total Cost of Ownership – Building always-on technology infrastructure is expensive, complex, and out of reach for many companies.  Fortunately Virtual Sprout has built an Enterprise Grade Cloud Platform that is easy to consume at a fraction of the cost of equivalent on-premise digital IT data center infrastructure.  Additionally, Virtual Sprout offers our cloud platform in an easy to use interface and simple to understand pricing model with no variable costs.

Better Technology –  Digital IT Infrastructure is expensive to deploy, refresh, and maintain.  Business leaders are forced to make compromises on IT design to fit into specific budgets.  Virtual Sprout’s Cloud Platform is always Enterprise Grade; always-on, performant, and durable.  Built to concurrently service many clients, Virtual Sprout’s Cloud Platform is built on the technology powering the largest companies in the world.

IaaS Cloud Solutions

  • Multiple Cloud Instances in Diverse Geographies
  • Low Latency and Diverse Network Interconnect between Cloud Instances
  • Latest CPU and Memory Technologies with Reserved Resources
  • Familiar VMware Interface with Leading Operating System Support
  • Next Generation Firewall, Routing, and Load Balancing
  • Highest Performance and Availability Storage Available from any Cloud Provider
  • Easily integrated into existing on-premise solutions

Open and Standard

Virtual Sprout has standardized on the industry leading VMware vCloud solution-set to provide a standards based, open platform for enterprise class workloads. Standardizing on this platform allows for current VMware users to easily migrate and control workload from an existing dedicated infrastructure to their new Virtual Data Center or even shift live workloads between clouds for redundancy and efficiency.

VCloud Director VCD Overview

Total Control

Our philosophy is to provide as much customer control as possible.  In using VCloud Directror and VMware NSX Networking as the basis for our Cloud IaaS platform, our customers can fully deploy VM’s, change routing policies, and modify firewall, load balancer, and VPN rules.  While Virtual Sprout’s engineers are available to assist with configuration, troubleshooting, or just to lend a pair of hands, our solutions are designed to expose the maximum amount of management tools to our customers.

Built Rock Solid

Our customers rely on our Cloud IaaS solutions to be always on and fault tolerant.  Virtual Sprout has built layers of redundancy and fault tolerance throughout our IaaS stack including:

  • Hyper Redundant Network – Minimum quad data path connectivity to every host
  • Always-On Storage Connectivity – Diverse, redundant, and isolated storage connectivity
  • Seven 9’s Storage – 99.9999% Available Primary Storage
  • Safety Net Built-In – Automatic Non-Performance Impacting Storage Based Snapshots Daily
  • Highly Available – VMware High Availability on all Virtual Machines
  • Big Capacity -50% or Less Utilized Clusters for failover and expansion
  • Bullet-Proof Internet – Highly resilient, blended Tier 1 Internet Bandwidth at no additional cost
  • Redundant Applications – Redundancy tools for applications including load balancing, geo-load balancing, and real-time replication.

Enterprise Grade from Top to Bottom

Virtual Sprout has built multiple clouds in multiple geographic areas to provide customers with bullet proof, enterprise grade Virtual Data Centers.  Running on an all flash storage infrastructure, the Virtual Sprout Cloud leverages the latest in Intel Processor technologies, VMware Virtualization Software

Built on VMware – When we designed our cloud platform, we chose the leader in virtualization technology, VMware.  By doing this we have ensured that it can provide the highest performance, resiliency, and compatibility available.

Data Storage – Virtual Sprout Cloud IaaS utilizes the latest Enterprise flash and RAM accelerated primary data storage with 99.99999% availability,  ensuring maximum performance and uptime for database and other performance hungry workloads.

Standard Interfaces – Virtual Sprout’s Cloud leverages vCloud Director, a familiar system administration interface to deploy, manage, and monitor your Virtual Data Centers.

Latest Generation Technology – Server technology from Dell is outfitted with the latest in memory and Intel CPU technologies and is continuously refreshed to not only provide cutting edge performance, but reduce the environmental impact of business computing.

Headroom – Computing clusters are engineered to 50% utilization, allowing for maximum fault tolerance and rapid expansion of existing workloads without constraint.

Critical Security Solutions – Multiple Next Generation Firewall, End-Point, and Advanced Security Solution options exist from market leading security solution providers like Sophos and Palo Alto.

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