What is Ransomware?

It’s a type of malicious software that denies users access to their data unless a ransom is paid.

Most Common Variants: Cryptolocker, CrySis, WannaCry, Bad Rabbit, ExPetr


The total number of ransomware infections detected in 2018. Ransomware attacks are increasing more than 300% year over year.


IDC survey participants experienced a malicious attack in the past 12 months (that they know about)


Ransomware attacks that were successful


Successful attacks resulting in data corruption or loss

[mt_icon type=”users” color=”ffffff”]Who’s Affected?

90% of all financial institutions have experienced ransomware in the past year.

90% of all healthcare organizations saw an increase in ransomware infection rates from 2017 to 2018

The 5 Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

  • Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Healthcare

  • Government Agencies

  • Energy Industry

  • Higher Education

[mt_icon type=”cc-nc” color=”ffffff”]Financial Impact

The Ransom



The cost of ransomware damages were $6B in 2017 and are predicted to hit $11.5B by 2019.


per machine

The cost of ransom paid out per infected machine by 70% of those affected



per hour

The average internal cost of downtime per hour for a U.S. business per infected machine

Multi-layered Defense Strategy

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