Backup as a Service

Customer Challenges

Enterprises of all sizes value their data.  Loss of that data can set back projects, cause downtime, and potentially result in financial loss.  Backup of business data is critical to the well-being of any organization, but in todays environment of data sprawl can be a challenge.  Business data can live on-premise, in Infrastructure as a Service offerings, and even inside of Software as a Service solutions like Office 365 and Salesforce.  To make the situation more complicated, many enterprises do not realize that their data, while being inside a cloud service, is not necessarily being protected by a backup and may not be compliant with various regulatory requirements.

Our Solutions

Virtual Sprout provides a suite of backup services that protect data regardless of where it lives and how it is stored.  Virtual Sprout Backup Solutions Include:

  • VDC (Virtual Data Center) BaaS – Image level backups performed at the infrastructure, VDC Backup has no impact on running workloads.  Customers have the option to purchase various service levels including once daily to hourly backups.  Backups follow the 3-2-1 rule and include an offsite backup repository in a diverse Virtual Sprout availability zone.
  • Veeam On-Premise BaaS – For virtual and physical workloads located on a customer’s premise, Virtual Sprout deploys Veeam with an onsite backup appliance to protect data as a monthly service.  Data can be replicated to an offsite location using Virtual Sprout’s Veeam Cloud Connect Service.
  • Veeam Cloud Connect – Virtual Sprout’s Veeam Cloud Connect service provides an offsite backup target for Veeam to replicate backup job data to a Virtual Sprout Cloud Data Center.  Combined with a local installation of Veeam (either customer owned or Virtual Sprout Veeam On-Premise BaaS ), customers can achieve the recommended data durability from a 3-2-1 rule.
  • Veeam Office 365 Backup – Backup of Office 365 data to either VDC BaaS or Veeam On-Premise BaaS.


BaaS Solutions

  • Variety of options to protect data living in any environment
  • Multiple Cloud Data Center Targets for Geo-Diversity
  • Backup of Cloud Virtual Data Center services at the infrastructure level to prevent contention with running workloads
  • Virtual Sprout BaaS offerings come with all required software licensing
  • Physical Drive Data Seeding/Recovery available for customers with slower data connections
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