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VS-Protect AiO (All-in-One) - Comprehensive Business Continuity



Can your backup and business continuity solution:

  • Protect virtual and physical servers and workstations
  • Provide near instant recovery of protected systems both locally and in the cloud
  • Give you application awareness with record/object level restoration capabilities for Exchange and SQL Server
  • Automatically replicate data to a HIPAA and PCI compliant cloud, prioritizing the most critical data first
  • Verify backup integrity by booting the Virtual Machine backup and taking a screenshot of the login screen
  • Encrypt protected data end-to-end with AES-256 encryption
  • Provide bare metal restoration, even to dissimilar hardware

Virtual Sprout’s VS-Protect AiO provides a comprehensive business continuity solution that protects both physical and virtual server/workstation infrastructure.  With no cost for additional protected devices, the easy to understand and utilize VS-Protect AiO appliance performs backups of protect virtual and physical computers, while simultaneously converting the backups to bootable virtual machine images.  These images are kept both locally and replicated to the cloud to be utilized in the event of a disaster.

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Steps to Business Continuity Bliss

  1. Backup to local VS-protect AiO appliance
  2. Appliance automatically replicates to Virtual Sprout’s HIPAA/PCI compliant and SSAE 16 SOC I & II certified cloud data center(s)
  3. Recover files, objects, or entire machines from either the local or cloud copy
  4. Utilize bootable virtual images for near instant recovery of down systems

BCaaS with VS-Protect AiO utilizing hybrid cloud


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