Virtual Sprout is a Nimble Storage Reseller

Virtual Sprout is a proud Nimble Storage reseller offering all of the Nimble Storage Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays.  With a unique expertise from being a user of Nimble Storage products as well as being a Nimble Storage reseller, our engineers can share insight from years of operational experience with Nimble Storage.

Why Virtual Sprout as your Nimble Storage Reseller

  • Virtual Sprout has years of operational experience with Nimble Storage Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays in environments we run and manage
  • Virtual Sprout’s engineering staff has deep knowledge around Public and Private Cloud Computing and the impacts on your Nimble Storage array
  • We assist clients in technologies that surround your Nimble Storage Array purchase such as technologies from Brocade, Veeam, Microsoft, VMWare, Fortinet, and more.
  • Virtual Sprout is your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Expert with products from Veeam and deep experience in Nimble Storage replication.
  • Migrations can be problematic, but Virtual Sprout has extensive expertise in migrating data from one storage array to another

We migrated off a four rack EMC CX960 with 640 disk drives to a Nimble CS460 that occupied only 1/4 a rack.  The Nimble Storage Array had more performance and saved us 2-3 thousand dollars a month in power.  We paid for our Nimble Array with the savings in EMC Maintenance.  – Nate F. (Service Provider Customer)

Nimble Storage Hybrid Flash Array

Nimble Storage Benefits

  • Nimble Storage SolutionsBlazingly Fast Performance – with up to 500,000 IOPS on a single implementation of Nimble Storage you will have a hard time finding a workload too big.
  • The right balance of capacity with performance – Because Nimble Storage is a Hybrid Flash Array using CASL you get the best of high capacity drives with turbo charged flash.
  • Massive Scalability – Nimble Storage Arrays scale-out to 1 petabyte of storage.
  • Pay as you grow – With all of the arrays you can add components to grow the system with your needs and budget.  Add cache, disk shelves, faster controllers, and upgrade entire units seamlessly.
  • Single Pane of Glass – All of your arrays can be managed under a single pane of glass, Nimble Storage Infosight.
  • Remote Diagnostics of Storage Environment – Infosight can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection.
  • No Licenses – Once you buy your Nimble Storage array, you get all of the features immediately without any need for additional licensing.
  • Replication Built In – Replication between Nimble Storage arrays is built in and can be set to take as much or as little bandwidth as you set.
  • Zero Impact Snapshots – Because of CASL  snapshots on Nimble don’t take up any space.  Additionally, your snapshots can be tied directly into your virtualization orchestrator like VMWare VCenter.
  • Tight Integration with VMWare – Your array can be tied into all of the features that VMWare and VCenter have to offer including VSS, VAAI, SRM, and the vCenter plug-in
  • No Downtime hardware refresh – When you upgrade any aspect of your Nimble Storage array, from hardware to software, you won’t experience downtime.
  • Up and running and under half a day – The longest part of your install will be racking your new Nimble Storage array.

Nimble Storage’s CASL Architecture

Nimble Storage solutions are built on the patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture. CASL differs from the traditional bolt-on approach of using flash as a tier. Instead, CASL is designed from the ground up to leverage the random read performance of flash and the cost-effective capacity and high performance of sequential writes of hard disk drives. CASL also incorporates innovative efficiency features, such as inline variable-block compression, cloning, and integrated snapshots, to store and serve more data in less space.

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CASL uses application-tuned block sizes, universal compression, dynamic caching, and a write-optimized data layout.

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Video: CASL Architecture Deep Dive
Storage architect Devin Hamilton provides an in-depth look at Nimble’s core architecture. (74:45)

CASL Deep Dive Webinar


Scale-to-Fit: Scale Capacity and Performance Independently

As your data set grows and you launch new applications, it inevitably strains your storage environment. With Nimble Storage, you can accommodate this growth by scaling capacity, or performance, or both—efficiently and non-disruptively.

Nimble Storage protects your investment by enabling you to:

  • Scale capacity by adding additional storage shelves.
  • Scale up performance by upgrading compute to get greater throughput and IOPS, and expanding cache with larger SSDs to handle more active data.
  • Scale capacity and performance by grouping any combination of Nimble Storage arrays into a scale-out storage cluster

White Paper: Scale-to-Fit Storage »

Scale-Out Storage Seamlessly. Manage Simply.

Nimble Storage Scale Out ArchitectureNimble Storage’s scale-out architecture makes it easy to scale capacity and performance beyond the physical limitations of a single array. Any combination of Nimble Storage arrays can be seamlessly configured into a storage cluster that accomodates growing business-critical workloads and supports new ones, without complicating storage management by creating additional silos or breaking the budget with forklift upgrades.

Nimble Storage’s innovative approach to scale-out storage dramatically simplifies configuration, upgrades, and management.

Benefits include:

  • Single-console management of all storage hardware resources as a single storage entity
  • Dynamic load balancing to eliminate performance hot-spots
  • Multi-array data striping, enabling any application to fully leverage the collective hardware resources of the scale-out group
  • Seamless reconfiguration and hardware refreshes, without downtime
  • Flexible configuration of any combination of Nimble Storage arrays, maximizing storage ROI